Why choose Ilpra? Discover the strength of our company


Solutions, know-how, experience and support always available


Ilpra is one of the leading companies worldwide in the packaging sector and it stands out for its extensive range of packaging machines

Technological solutions designed to meet the production needs of customers in different market sectors: food industry, non-food e medical. In addition to the different lines of standard machines, designed to meet the needs of both small production and high continuous flow production, Ilpra is able to provide customized solutions for specific needs.
The extreme flexibility and customization of packaging solutions is achievable thanks to the complete range of packaging machines, which includes: Pot Fillers, Tray sealers and Thermoformers.

The solutions and technologies available on the different models, developed thanks to long experience and specific know-how in the sector, allow packaging using: sealing, vacuum, modified atmosphere (MAP) and skin. The different Ilpra packaging lines are designed to be easily integrated into any existing production line (semi-automatic or fully automated) or to operate as stand-alone machines.




We study, design, develop and implement solutions through the integration of the latest modern technologies in the field of packaging

With our experience we help our customers to enhance and develop their business.

The continuous investments in training, the support to our customers and the consolidated experience of our technical and application engineering team, make us today recognized as a reference player in the food, non-food and medical packaging market. Thanks to the skills acquired over time and the passion of our resources, we are specialized in the realization and management of every phase of the packaging of your product, from the design to the totally controlled and traced production of the packaging machine suitable for your needs. The many experiences acquired over the years allow us to offer the most efficient and effective solution for the specific customer request. In this way we can create competitive advantage for the latter and further increase our know-how.


All Ilpra packaging machines are entirely designed by our Research & Development departments and manufactured in our plants in Italy.

We use the most modern software tools for 3D calculation and design available today. The entire production cycle, from processing to assembly and final testing of our machines is carried out completely within our plants. Everything is planned by the Operations department with the support of sophisticated ERP/MRP management systems, in order to always guarantee a real-time response to specific situations. The total control of the production process allows Ilpra to promptly manage and intervene on time, costs and final quality of the packaging machine. The choice to keep the entire production process inside our headquarters in Mortara, Italy, is the best system to guarantee the customer quick answers to any kind of request. Ilpra firmly believes in this choice, which has allowed us to successfully compete in Italy and in the World.




At a time when the packaging industry demands increasingly customized products and solutions, we meet these "tailor-made" demands.

This is how Ilpra is able to supply extremely competitive standard packaging machines, because they are produced in large batches, as well as plants designed "ad hoc" to meet a particular production need.

Thanks to this strategy pursued over the years, the Ilpra product range is the most complete in the world of packaging. Suitable to meet the needs of the craft workshop as well as those of large companies.
The solutions developed over the years for food, non-food and medical packaging are the result of constant research and great attention to market changes. The tens of thousands of packaging machines sold worldwide are the best confirmation of the effectiveness of our strategy.


Ilpra is an international company with its own branches in the main foreign markets.

This widespread presence makes it possible to facilitate the relationship with customers and to support their work in real time.
Ilpra's technicians and sales staff are present throughout the customer's purchasing decision making process and continue to follow him also in the after-sales. Whether it's packaging advice, test packaging or process optimisation, you can always rely on the experience of our experts.

The constant investments that Ilpra makes to consolidate existing markets and expand in emerging markets makes it possible to build a system of fast and punctual services to offer to the customer. Our worldwide customer support includes a full range of services. From initial consultancy for the search for the optimal packaging solution to the most effective and prompt after-sales technical assistance.