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Types of Packaging


Hermetic Packs, Sealed to Perfection

Ilpra packaging machines offer solutions that guarantee perfect Sealing of containers and complete protection from mechanical and external stress.

They are able to seal trays made of different materials, such as plastic, aluminium, coupled paperboard and foamed materials.

Packaging using simple sealing functions achieves packages that protect the product in a reliable manner from physical and environmental stress, as well as humidity and UV light.

Sealing packaging is particularly suited to non-food and industrial, medical and pharmaceutical products, or food that does not need to be preserved for a long time.

All Ilpra packaging machines are equipped to package goods using the sealing option, so as to obtain impeccable, high quality packages.

modified atmosphere - ATP

Fresh Product as Just Packed

Ilpra follows its customers and supports them in their technical evaluations, proposing innovative, customized solutions in each phase of the Modified Atmosphere Packaging process in order to attain the best operations and improve performance.

Consumers always look for fresh products and Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) plays a crucial role in guaranteeing the extension of shelf-life in a natural manner and consequent food safety.

The principle is based on replacing the air in the package with a pre-established gas mixture. As occurs for food quality, shelf-life is extended up to four/five times compared to its natural expiry date. Among the advantages of modified atmosphere packaging there is the extension of food preservation and greater safety and protection during handling and transportation.

This type of packaging can be obtained by using all models of Ilpra machines. In particular, the Fill Seal Fillers & Sealers are among the few machines in the world that can use this technology.


Total Protection Against Any Alteration

Vacuum packaging prolongs the preservation time of products, extracting natural air from them, thus slowing down the organic spoilage of the product. Creating a vacuum blocks the oxidation process, meaning that the preserved food does not alter its taste. You can preserve food for longer with this type of treatment because without air most micro-organisms and bacteria cannot develop, thus the flavour, aroma, colour and nutritional properties of both raw and cooked food are preserved. Food vacuum packaging is extremely useful because, as the food is not cooked or frozen, the organoleptic qualities of the product remain practically unaltered.

Moreover, thanks to vacuum packaging, the product adheres to the package, creating a further protection against mechanical stress and reducing the package volume to the actual volume of the product. All Ilpra machines can perform vacuum packaging of any kind of material and consistency, thus guaranteeing a safe, protected and perfectly preserved product.


The Second Skin for a Quality Product

Skin packaging technology is increasingly requested and appreciated, especially in the fresh and frozen food world market.

This packaging solution entails sealing the product by wrapping film around it like an invisible skin, thus obtaining a fresh, natural looking package. The film adheres to the product without changing its shape. The product actually maintains its shape and freshness due to the high vacuum conditions and the top quality materials that are used and which create an effective barrier, guaranteeing an extended shelf-life. The film is sealed along the entire surface of the container so as to avoid the possible stagnation and presence of unsightly liquids around the product.

Thanks to the perfect interaction between our machines and the packaging materials used, the result is an attractive, high quality vacuum packed skin, which makes the product look fresh and wholesome.

Skin packaging is ideal for many types of products, such as fresh meat, white meat, fish, seafood, ready-to-eat dishes, cheese, pâtés, and more.