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Constant Placement System (CPS) is the technology installed on Ilpra's in-line machines, which exploits theinterpolation between belts and jaws to guarantee a continuous inflow of trays. This perfect synergy considerably increases the speed of the machine, increasing production capacity.


Pre-Heating System allows you to optimise your packaging time. From the moment you choose to pack in skin mode, the system starts to heat the film, making the work process more efficient and easier. This technology can be installed on all Ilpra models that pack in Skin


Anti-crush is a technology that operates in view of safety and prevention, as well as protection of the entire production line cycle. The Anti-crush system installed on the machine reads the correct positioning of the trays in the sealing area and, if even one of them is not correctly positioned, immediately stops the sealing process.


Predictive is Ilpra's technology that notifies when maintenance and/or replacement of a specific component of the machine will be required. With this diagnostic system, personnel can plan machine maintenance well in advance, without incurring any potential contingencies.


ID Control System is Ilpra's technology designed for companies that need a high level of security and access to the machine limited to authorised personnel. With this simple badge access system, up to three different authorisation levels can be created, so that complete mapping of personnel on the machine can be maintained.


With Ilpra's ExtraSkin technology it is possible to pack a wide range of products in skin, even where high levels of protrusion are required. Packaging in Skin allows the product to maintain an attractive appearance and guarantees excellent shelf life.


ProGas is an innovative technology patented by Ilpra. By limiting the vacuum creation and compensation phases to the tray to be packaged instead of extending them to the whole packaging chamber, the main advantage of ProGas technology is to reduce the use of gas with the same residual oxygen in the tray.


The E-Mec technology is based on the completely electromechanical movement of the work stations, combined with an electronic management of the latest generation. This allows to obtain higher speed and productivity, limiting the mechanical stress on the components thanks to accurate and extremely precise movements. E-Mec allows to reduce the pneumatic consumption up to 70% and limits the acoustic emissions of about 60%, with great benefit for the operators working on the machine.


The FITPACK system reproduces Skin packaging aesthetics and allows vacuum packing inside a customised container. The sealing support is made of a printed cardboard that, once separated from the plastic layer becomes 100% recyclable.


  • less use of material, 30% less compared to the application in SKIN
  • lower cost for the packaging itself, given the standardised use of moulding material.