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Used Formpack Thermoforming machines


With Ilpra thermoforming packaging machines, the product package is created and formed through the use of a packaging film onto which a film of sealing is sealed. Packaging with this line of models can also be done in vacuum, in modified atmosphere or in skin. Ideal for packaging all types of food and non-food products, our thermoforming packaging machines are particularly suitable for packaging medical products such as instruments, devices or injectables. Adapted to the needs of different realities, from handicrafts to industrial production, Ilpra Thermoforming Machines can offer both rigid and flexible packages depending on the forming material used.

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Formpack Speedyform by Ilpra


The Speedyform model represents the entry level solution of Ilpra thermoforming machines. The machine is compact and of small dimensions, easily accessible for size changes, cleaning and maintenance operations. What characterizes this model is its ease of use, resulting from:

  • Easy sealing reel changeover
  • Quick and easy size changeover
  • Easily interpretable user interface

The film transport chains are driven by a brushless motor. Like all Ilpra packaging solutions, the Speedyform is designed to be integrated into any production line, also thanks to the many customisations that can be applied, such as print centering system, skin packaging, motorized ejection conveyor.

Formpack Easyform


The new Easyform model has been perfected both in design and components: the forming and sealing matching moulds are now of new conception. Also the working area, increased compared to the previous Easyform version, is now more performing and allows even high production capacities.

The machine is an excellent packaging solution for the food and medical sector. The new Easyform is customizable with various accessories, its start-up and program management is intuitive and easy to use; it can work alonesealing, vacuum, protected atmosphere.


The Formpack F0 packaging machine is designed for medium-sized companies and is capable of packaging in different versions: sealing, vacuum, modified atmosphere e skin.

It is a model characterized by precise and fast movements guaranteed by brushless motors.
The Formpack F0 is particularly suitable for those who want to keep costs down but do not want to give up on quality performance.


The Formpack F1 is a reliable and easy to use packaging machine.
Designed for packaging food, non-food and medical products for medium production companies.

Totally automatic is a packaging machine that guarantees speed of execution and reliable packaging in both rigid and flexible film.


The Formpack F3 packaging machine is a highly flexible machine, with a simple and easy mould changeover to make processing faster.

Suitable for medium and high production companies, it guarantees quality packaging and extreme customisation thanks to the possibility of adding numerous options.


Formpack F4 models are machines designed to be suitable for both medium and extremely high production.

The Formpack F4 can be integrated into existing production lines and guarantees reliable and fully automated performance.
It is a thermoforming packaging machine capable of packaging different types of food, non-food and medical products both in rigid and flexible film.


The Formpack F5 is a packaging machine with a length that can be adapted to the dimensions of the company.
Technologically advanced, it guarantees quality, reliable packaging of different materials.

The Formpack F5 model is customizable thanks to customized options such as centered printing, shape cutting, in-line printing and labelling and many more.
Particularly suitable for high production rates.


The Formpack F660 is a packaging machine suitable for flexible packaging and for products requiring a sealing very large area, up to 660mm.

It is a very flexible, highly customizable and space-saving model despite the high area capacity of sealing.
Like all the models of temoforming machines Ilpra is able to pack both in vacuum and in protective atmosphere.