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Hyper is the line of in-lineTray sealers that Ilpra has designed in response to demand from large-scale production. In this project, born in 2020, Ilpra has concentrated all the resources belonging to the technical department of research and development. Foodpack Hyper incorporates the ambition of being able to offer a fast, tireless machine that could border on the idea of perpetual motion. This led to the decision to incorporate CPS technology, which enables the continuous inflow of trays (Constant placement system), and which allows high cyclic rates on a variety of applications. Everything about the Foodpack Hyper has been designed to make it easy to integrate into any production line or process . Other standard features on the machine are the anti-crush system, the badge for identification of authorised personnel and automatic film tensioning . The area of sealing is 1000 x 450 x h 120 mm for the Hyper 1000 version and 1250 x 450 x h 120 mmfor the Hyper 1250version.

Foodpack Hyper

Foodpack Hyper

Machine details

Easy sanitization

Quick mould change

Quick and easy belts disassembly

Types of Packaging available

The new FP Hyper allows the product to be packaged and sealed in pre-formed trays by sealing, Vacuum, Modified Atmosphere (MAP) and Skin.





Main technical data

Hyper 1000Hyper 1250
Machine dimensions (mm)4225 x 1100 x h 2110 mm4985 x 1100 x h 2110 mm
Machine weight (Kg)approx. 1800 Kgapprox. 2000 Kg
Air consumption (bar - lt/cycle)6 - 3 [ bar - Nlt/cycle ]6 - 3 [ bar - Nlt/cycle ]
Sealing area (mm)1000 x 450 x h 120 mm1250 x 450 x h 120 mm

Main Standard Features

Zero film waste
Touch screen
ID control system
Motorized ejection belt
Automatic film tensioning
Quick mould change
Anticrush - Emergency in case of improperly positioned tray
Constant flow of trays - CPS
Brushless drives

Main Options and Accessories

Print centring system
Thermal transfer printer
Compact version
Chain trays feeding
Automatic dosing systems
Cup denester
Walking beam trays feeding
Version Skin - Overskin - Extraskin

Machine dimensions

FoodPack Hyper

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