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Fill Seal machines are automatic filling and sealing machines. They include a wide range of models divided into two macro categories: In-Line and Rotary. They are packaging solutions suitable for dosing and sealing products such as milk and cheese, sauces, creams and everything including liquid and pasty products. Our fill seal machines can be integrated into any production line and offer ahigh degree of customisation. The components of the Fill Seal line are manufactured in such a way as to guarantee maximum efficiency and the possibility of cleaning every part of it. They offer a wide range of dosers, which can also process granular products. All models can be offered in film and disc versions, and can process different types of material from plastic and paper to glass and ceramics.

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The Fill Seal 2000 is a rotary table filling/sealing machine, ideal for small start-ups up to medium production levels. Compact and designed to be integrated into an automatic line or to operate as a stand alone machine. The FS 2000 model can be equipped with a printing system centred directly on the film of sealing. Perfect for packaging dairy products, sauces, creams and other liquid/pasty products.


The Fill Seal 2500 is a filling/sealing machine suitable for small to medium production runs for dosing and packaging different product consistencies: liquid, dense, pasty. It is ideal for companies operating in the dairy sector, sauces, creams and everything that includes a product to be dosed. The machine allows the use of various types of pre-formed containers and can be customised thanks to numerous options that can be adapted to any production requirement. The perfect solution for medium production.


The Fill Seal 5000 is a filler/sealer manufactured and designed for medium to large production runs. It is a perfect model for packing and sealing with high precision and control up to 5000 pieces per hour. The primary movements are completely mechanical: this guarantees a fast and precise packaging process, reliability over time and minimal maintenance operations. The simple and intuitive operator interface makes the machine extremely easy to use. Ideal for packaging milk and cheese, yoghurt, sauces and various types of liquid/pasty products.


The Fill Seal 7000 is a fully automatic rotary table filling/sealing machine suitable for medium/high production, capable of processing 3 containers per cycle and particularly suitable for liquid and pasty products. Ideal for packaging milk and cheese, sauces and all types of liquid or creamy products. The model is powerful and compact at the same time, entirely made of stainless steel and featuring an innovative design, it can be opened on all sides to allow easy washing and maintenance. Numerous optional extras are available for complete customisation.


The Fill Seal R12 is a fully automatic, rotary table filler/sealer, suitable for extremely versatile production - from 3,000 to 12,000 pcs/h. Each cycle can process a number of containers according to customer requirements. The model, suitable for dense/liquid and pasty products, is high-performance and highly innovative; made entirely of stainless steel, it features a modern design with ample visibility of the processing; the FS R12 can be opened on all sides to allow easy washing and maintenance. Numerous optional extras are available for complete customisation. Ideal for packaging milk and cheese, sauces and every variety of liquid/creamy/ pasty products.



The In-Line Fill Sealers are models of fully automatic filling/sealing machines with several tracks, capable of working from a minimum of 3 lines. These models can reach very high production capacities, performing a precise dosing and filling job and then finishing with the sealing of the package . Ideal for high volume production, these machines are designed to meet the needs of large companies that require precision, reliability and speed. Customisation of these models is possible thanks to the numerous optional extras available.

The Fill Seal in Lineseries of fillers/sealers is designed to be highly customised to the specific needs of companies withhigh production requirements. Here are some examples of solutions that have been implemented.

Fill Seal 8L - Capable of packing 8 containers per cycle

Fill Seal 4L - Capable of packing 4 containers per cycle

Fill Seal 5L - Capable of packing 5 containers per cycle

Fill Seal 3L - Capable of packing 3 containers per cycle