Ilpra - End-of-line, pick and place, palletisation - Complete packaging



Ilpra's automation solutions are capable of processing different types of formats by boxing/stacking and palletising . In this way, Ilpra guarantees the customer a single point of contact, capable of satisfying packaging requirements with a complete, quality solution . Our models are characterised by high working precision, high quality components and the possibility of customisation.

End of line and pick and place machines


Pick and Place ILPRA - Automatic boxing machine - End of line RC


The RC model is an automatic vertical case packer able to be integrated with different packaging machines. Highly accurate, it meets high standards of productivity. It provides a quick and easy format change, with the simple disconnection of compressed air and subsequent loosening of the gripping heads without the need for tools. The possibility of adding numerous options makes it a versatile and adaptable solution. The high possibility of customization of the machine makes it suitable to operate on many types of products and formats.


The RS model is a vertical case packer capable of being integrated with a wide range of packaging machines. The machine, made of stainless steel, guarantees high standards of precision and reliability. In contrast to the RC model, it provides for the incorporation of the automatic closure/tapping module of the boxes while keeping the overall dimensions limited. The strong possibility of customization together with servo assisted handling makes this model the ideal solution in terms of quality and performance.



The PS model is a robotic double bay palletizer that, thanks to its compact layout, is able to guarantee production continuity without giving up space. The gripping system is designed to work on various packaging formats (boxes, baskets, bags, etc.). The handling is fully servo-assisted and ensures the perfect positioning of the box on the pallet. The double bay allows the continuity of the working cycle: when the first pallet is completed the processing moves to the second one.


Ilpra's robotic island


Ilpra designs and manufactures highly customizable robotic island for depalletising, palletising and cartoning various product categories. Our solutions maximize the available space by using anthropomorphic robots, allowing maximum flexibility in the work process. Further advantages include the quick changeover of the gripping head for different operations, reduced dimensions and the possibility of expansion in case of changes in production requirements.