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Ilpra is a historic company active in the field of food and non-food packaging machines since 1955. From the year of its birth until it was listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in 2019, the company has achieved great milestones in terms of expansion. Today, Ilpra is present worldwide with more than 17,000 machines installed and several subsidiaries on every continent. The principle by which Ilpra has maintained its steady growth is the same as the one by which it has maintained an identity that today is synonymous with quality: customer satisfaction first. We are well aware that the quality of your product derives from the quality of the process by which it will be packaged, which is why our packaging machines are entirely designed in our factories in Mortara, Italy. The decision not to delocalise any of our activities and to control the entire production process has enabled us to become an undisputed market leader, in Italy and worldwide.

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Packaging machines: Fill Seal 6L


Our Fill Seals are designed for dosing and sealing of liquid and pasty products. Ideal for hot and cold packaging of yoghurt, spreadable cheeses, sauces, soups, ready-made sauces, jams and granular products. The container can be sealed with a pre-cut aluminium or plastic disk or, in the film version, with film. The models of the Fill Seal line can be easily integrated into any production line, also thanks to the numerous customisations that can be installed. Thanks to Progas® Ilpra technology, they allow the modified atmosphere packaging.


Our tray sealers are versatile and reliable packaging machines, suitable for packaging various product categories. The numerous options make them highly customisable solutions, able to meet the most ambitious demands in food packaging. The packaging applications are also numerous and include MAP, Gas Flush, Vacuum, Skin and all its variants. With these machines, Ilpra aims to provide customers with an effective partner for their production, capable of reducing consumption, increasing productivity and guaranteeing product quality.

Packaging machines: ILPRA foodpack Hyper - In line tray sealer
Thermoforming Machine - Model Easyform


Suitable for medium and high production packaging, Formpack thermoforming packaging machines feature an innovative design and enable the thermoforming of flexible and rigid materials, including expanded films. They are ideal for food and medical packaging. All models in this range use Emec® Ilpra technology and can perform the single operation of sealing, vacuum packing, in modified atmosphere or packaging in skin. Formpack thermoforming packaging machines are highly customisable according to the customer's production requirements and can be integrated into any production line.


Our Form Fill Seals are capable of thermoforming, filling and sealing packages of different formats . They are the right solution for the packaging of a wide variety of products: yoghurt, fruit juices, jellies, desserts, sauces, salad dressings, oils, jams and spreads in general. This line is the result of specialised studies, modern design techniques and careful analysis of market demands. As for the other lines in the range, Ilpra is able to provide complete end-of-line and secondary packaging solutions. In addition, all the models in the Form Fill Seal line are highly customisable according to the customer's production requirements.

Form Fill Seal - Model MD



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Becoming ILPRA – Interview with the Head of Product Management Andrea Zini

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