7 Giugno 2021

Ilpra – Cfia 2021

Ilpra is very happy to announce the restart of the trade fair activity, a much desired (even if not total) return to normality. You can visit us […]
19 Maggio 2021
New Ilpra Speedyform

Ilpra presents: new Formpack Speedyform

The growth activity undertaken by Ilpra continues, with a new model of thermoforming machine. The company aims to provide high quality and highly customizable packaging machines. The […]
23 Aprile 2021
Ilpra borsa italiana

Ilpra results in 2020. Stock and company numbers

MILAN ( – ILPRA’s Board of Directors approved the draft Financial Statements and the Consolidated Financial Statements at 31 December 2020. Revenues amounted to €32.4 million, +1% […]
26 Ottobre 2020

The packaging market is growing, ILPRA (also) more

Security research is a key issue. Of couse It has always been one of our focus theme, but it has increased significantly now that caution and prudence […]